Traffic Analysis

Why get a traffic analysis?

In addition to road safety, traffic behavior and traffic flow, Trafitec performs analyses where the core of the task is something else. Examples are:

  • Guidelines for road design and marking
  • Marking concepts
  • Testing new actions and ideas
  • Speed management and schedule
  • Optimizing construction and operational economics
  • Traffic management, including anti-terrorism
  • Handbooks and road standards
  • Impact on transport habits
  • Socio-economic considerations
  • Assessment of legislation and legislative proposals

Our analysis

The analyses, studies and evaluations we carry out are rarely "off-the-shelf" solutions. Depending on the specific task, the project is organized in order to produce the best basis for the specific purpose. Important elements for the credibility of the results are the choice of method and the scope and quality of the data.

We have extensive experience in developing measurement programs, analyses and evaluations to address diverse issues. It requires knowledge of data collection, uncertainties and the use of methods in combination with the latest national and international knowledge.

Trafitec has many years of experience in conducting literature studies, knowledge gathering, and reports. We are skilled in systematic literature searches and have a large international network to draw on.

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