In-Depth Analysis of Video-Recorded Traffic Accidents on Motorways

by Thomas Skallebæk Buch and Puk Kristine Andersson


6th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design

During a 5-year period, videos of 92 traffic accidents were collected during road construction on four Danish motorway sections. These unique videos originate from cameras located along the motorways and provide information about what precede the accidents, the sequence of the accidents, and the on-site conditions. The purpose of this analysis is to determine causation and contributory factors in relation to accidents and provide a better basis for increasing road safety during future roadworks. The videos provide an opportunity to overcome several of the uncertainties associated with traditional accident analyses. Initially, each accident was analysed separately. The sequence of the accident and a number of relevant accident parameters were registered. Based on this work, accident factors explaining each of the 92 accidents’ occurrence were then identified. The accidents were analysed across and according to road alignment. 90 accidents have at least one accident factor related to the behaviour of at least one of the involved parties (driver or vehicle). The most common accident factors are: Lack of attention to either traffic or road alignment, exceeding speed limit, and following too close. In 32 accidents, at least one accident factor is related to the road and its surroundings. In 28 of these 32 accidents, at least one of the accident factors are related to the roadwork e.g. inappropriate road design, missing signs/road markings and misleading signs/road markings. The analysis results in both road technical and behavioural recommendations.

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