Road user understanding of Traffic information on VMS signs – Internet survey 2010

af Lene Herrstedt


The test includes 48 different VMS messages for road users driving on motorways in Europe. The test has been carried out in 11 different countries as an internet survey.

This report includes a presentation of the Danish results. 

The English version of the main question presented to the Danish respondents:

You are driving on E45 from Aarhus to Aalborg via Randers and Hobro.

Before Randers you see this motorway sign. What does it mean? and what will you do when you see it?

The main question in Danish:

”Du kører på E45 fra Aarhus til Aalborg via Randers og Hobro. Før Randers ser du dette skilt på motorvejen. Hvad betyder det? Og Hvad gør du?”

Hvad søger du?