Traffic Management

Capacity, level of service and traffic flow

We work on capacity, level of service, and traffic management at junctions and on road stretches - both in rural and urban areas. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in traffic management knowledge and new solutions to traffic-related problems. We assist with capacity, level of service, and solutions to issues such as:

  • Recording behavior and traffic patterns
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Perceived satisfaction and level of service
  • Delta and tau values
  • Passenger car equivalent figures
  • Queuing, regularity and incidents
  • Efficient traffic management solutions
  • Accessibility, waiting time and speed of travel
  • Capacity assessment

Development of methods and models

We develop methods and models to assess capacity, waiting time and travel speed based on empirical data related to road design and traffic composition. This also includes assessments of new solutions such as turbo roundabouts, DDI and SPUI interchanges, but also assessments of capacity for e.g. cyclists.

Trafitec works on perceived level of service for motorists and vulnerable road users. We have developed methods for calculating road users' "satisfaction" with intersections and road sections based on road design, traffic speed and composition. We provide IT tools to calculate the level of service for roads and junctions, and for all road users.

Many elements (road design, road equipment, signs, etc.) affect our traffic behaviour. And behaviour affects traffic flow, level of service and capacity. We have extensive experience in assessing the impact of elements on behaviour - and the impact of behaviour on traffic flow.

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