Method Development

Road and road user studies

Trafitec designs and conducts road and road user studies that produce credible and reliable results. We use many different methods and models to describe traffic flow, road safety and road user behavior. The chosen method is always adapted to the individual task.

Evaluations and impact studies as well as the development and use of models require a reliable data basis. We have extensive experience in using data such as accident data, traffic counts, speed data, road data, survey response data, etc. We use programs such as Excel, SAS, R, etc. to organize and process data.

Trafitec handles a number of special techniques for data collection, e.g. formalized behavioral registration to describe road users' behavior and interaction, conflict technique for registration of "near misses" and eye track for registration of road users' visual behavior. In addition, we use various questioning and interview methods to uncover understanding, attitudes and experience, e.g. stated preference questioning technique to reveal road users' preferences, etc.

We use data

We use data to develop capacity, accident, and user perception models where special modeling techniques are applied. Impact assessments, e.g. safety effects of intersection reconstructions, are based on road, traffic and accident data using special methods to account for confounding factors such as the regression effect. Uncertainties in the models, effects and assessments can be described using other methods.

The techniques and methods we use are constantly evolving. We are very conscious that the quality of results depends both on reliable data and the choice of methodology adapted to the purpose at hand.

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