Consultancy on road and road user issues

We solve tasks and issues related to road safety, road user behaviour, traffic management, as well as traffic analysis and planning. We carry out both smaller simple tasks as well as large complex projects.

We have a broad professional foundation. From our work both domestically and internationally, we have gained extensive experience within our area of expertise and have knowledge of most aspects of roads and road users.

We propose solutions to specific problems and provide recommendations for the design of traffic areas. We do not carry out detailed design of roads, signaling systems, paths, etc. but we are always happy to collaborate with other consultants.

We often work in teams, but also individually, whatever is best to solve the specific task. We always perform quality assurance of our deliveries and focus on high professionalism and quality.

We can e.g. help you with:

  • Project description, experimental design, method development, measurement program, etc.
  • Application for funding project, project improvement, etc.
  • Mapping, counting and recording road and traffic conditions
  • Organization, processing, analysis and presentation of data
  • Analysis and assessment of accidents, behavior and traffic flow
  • Questionnaire, interviews, online survey, focus group
  • Before-and-after evaluation, with-and-without survey
  • Proposed solutions for road safety, behavior and traffic flow problems
  • Pre-assessment of proposed solutions and actions
  • Reports and statistics on roads and road users
  • Literature study, report writing, handbooks and road standards
  • Communication, including presentations, articles, public meetings, and press
  • Project management, project control, project finance, quality assurance, etc.

Our competences

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