Consultancy and analyses

Roads and road users

Credible advice in the field of road safety, road user behaviour, traffic management and method development. We combine state-of-the-art knowledge with professional expertise.

Trafitec is an independent road traffic consultancy. We provide advice in the fields of road safety, traffic planning and traffic engineering.

If our customers allow it, we publish our results regarding issues within road safety, road user behaviour, traffic flow, traffic engineering measures, etc.

We carry out tasks for

Arrive safely and securely

Road safety is our expertise. We have extensive experience in all aspects of the subject - and for all types of road users. We work with accident and impact analysis, road safety measures and perform road safety audits, etc.

The road user in focus

We conduct studies of road users' behavior, experience, attitude, understanding and ability, e.g. in relation to road and path design and marking - or new traffic solutions. We use methods such as video analysis, conflict techniques, surveys, focus groups and interviews.

From A to B

We work with capacity, level of service and traffic flow at intersections and on segments. We develop models for capacity and level of service based on actual traffic flow and the experience of road users. We propose and develop accessibility measures for all types of road users.

Traffic & measures

We have extensive experience in analyzing issues related to road traffic . We work with parking, marking of road works, variable road signs, car sharing, optimization of construction and operational economy, nudging, and more.

What are you looking at?

With eye tracking, we record the visual behavior of road users. What does the road user look at when crossing the road? Is the gaze directed towards road signs - or towards advertisements? We analyze whether the road user focus towards more or less relevant traffic conditions.

The importance of data quality

We have many years of experience in developing methods, survey techniques and measurement programs for road traffic analysis. The quality of the results depends on the chosen method and the scope of the data. Our choice of method is always adapted to the actual purpose of the survey.

Road design should intuitively show us how to drive, as we can only deal with one thing at a time

What are you looking for?